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Design & Technology

Our curriculum coverage in Design and Technology at Glascote Academy:

We have sequenced the curriculum carefully, ensuring that each lesson builds upon the previous one and scaffolds learners' knowledge and skills progressively. We have created opportunities for learners to explore different media, techniques, and styles. We have also embedded opportunities critique their work constructively, and receive feedback from their peers and teachers.

During lessons, our children will:
Learn and develop key art skills (such as line work, drawing and colour theory)
Learn about a focus artist
Research the artist and their work – discussing and giving own opinions.
Experiment with medium
Create own piece insired by they artist and children’s wider world

Curriculum overviews, resource lists for each unit and example planning provided for all staff.

The new unit structure and timetable will ensure that children understand the process of art and design from start to finish.

Children will have a clear understand of the Art and design curriculum without the risk of the objectives blurring with other curriculum areas or not fully met. They will also build a rich technical subject vocabulary and have the opportunity to use in a variety of artistic areas. Thus, learning and understanding about transferable.