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Our vision for science is to inspire scientists of the future. We achieve this through quality first teaching, challenging and scaffolding children’s knowledge and ideas and encouraging curiosity and independent thinking.

The curriculum is divided into the scientific skills children require and the disciplinary knowledge to understand outcomes. Staff plan lessons and investigations which both develop children’s understanding of the world but also gives them opportunities to explore and investigate different scientific methods.

Cross curricular links are strongly encouraged and made when necessary, including linking to stories shared with the children.

Children within Reception and across KS1 and KS2 experience practical, well-resourced lessons, where conclusions are explained in context. There is clear progression through the curriculum up to the end of KS2. Chn build on prior knowledge and further develop skills and confidence to become independent scientists.

SEND children are well supported within science lessons through the use of additional resources or increased time so that their learning matches individual needs.

Science long term plans are informed by the national curriculum for each key stage. This is also built into an AfL progression grid to ensure skills and knowledge are developed each year. Detailed medium term plans are developed by each class teacher. These plans are expected to consistent with set expectations for science planning including the inclusion of investigative opportunities and those within the outdoor environments (forest and farm). Science vocabulary is detailed on the MTP as well as any home learning (video) links.

Science lessons must be taught weekly in every class, with evidence of age-appropriate work recorded in standalone science books, if necessary. Photographs are taken of practical work and notes are recorded in an assessment book, including individual comments made during discussions, misconceptions or IWB flipcharts showing answers to questions asked. Science Week also provide opportunities for children to explore concepts beyond their year group’s curriculum and allows children to explore their curiosities within the natural world.

Subject leadership monitoring is completed in accordance with the monitoring timetable including, planning and book trawls and display checks. Pupil and teacher comments are sought after when necessary. Identified issues are addressed through feedback to individual teachers or SLT members if necessary and appropriate support is given if needed.

Science is a core subject and the measures and expectations set, mean children receive a high standard of science provision. An embedded love of science has been sustained throughout many years and children at Glascote have developed into strong critical scientific thinkers. They have developed strong cross-curricular problem solving skills through the open ended experiments they are exposed to and they leave in Y6 as confident scientists, ready for the new science challenges they will face in high school.