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Writing is woven into many areas of the curriculum at Glascote Academy. Daily writing lessons take place across the school which follow a Long-Term Plan. The Long-Term Plan states the texts, genre and length of writing unit. These range from 1 week to 3 weeks for longer pieces of writing with a range of fiction, non-fiction and poetry outcomes.

Within the sequence of writing, staff expose children to many different skills:

  • WAGOLL (What A Good One Looks Like) and ‘pick apart’ why the author will have used certain vocabulary and techniques. Genre specific elements will be discussed too e.g. first person, chronological order. We believe children need to see and know what they are expected to include in their own writing. In the build up to a final piece of writing, staff will use a variety of strategies to give children the opportunity to apply their knowledge:
  • GPS focus
  • Different sentence types and styles (Alan Peat Progression Grid is used to support this)
  • Discussion regarding vocabulary
  • Planning, Drafting, story mapping (Talk for Writing and Sue Palmer Skeletons may be used to support this)
  • Writing which includes the skills previously taught (writing may take place over several days).
  • Edit and revise – this is modelled
  • On occasion, work may then be re-written for display.

Working Walls are evident in all classrooms so children can see the build-up of learning throughout the days/weeks and can use this as a prompt for their own writing.

Cross Curriculum writing takes place throughout the school. This is evident within Curriculum books e.g. RE, History and Geography lessons.



On-going assessment of writing takes place throughout the school year. Moderations within school and across the Trust support decision making. Fierté Writing Expectations are used, as well as Teacher Assessment Framework (TAFS) for years 2 and 6.